These where only 60 monsters up there! Wanna see a Million?

That was 1 Million! Wanna see 1 Billion now?

Hold on! You’d have to scroll down more than 1000 times to see 1 BILLION monsters! So how about 200 BILLION or more?

200 BILLION A4 size print outs circle around the EARTH 1050 times!

The number is just chaotic and impossible for the mind to grasp! Laying down 200 Billion A4 size printouts of monsters created with DNA Play, circle around the earth 1050 times; if one had the patience to perform such task! We bet it’s more fun to just download the app and start creating those hilarious fellows 😉

DNA Play


Create your own incredible monsters and transform them in real-time by building and tweaking their DNA! Over 200 billion unique life forms at your fingertips!

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