Thinkrolls apps and kids’ intelligence

If you show your young kids a mathematical formula and expect them to understand what it means, you’ll probably find out that they won’t get it. That is not because they are not smart, it’s because their minds have not connected the dots yet! So that is what Thinkrolls does; it connects the dots! It starts off with simple puzzles, presents a basic concept and then it builds up on that. As difficulty increases, kids must learn to combine objects and improvise new strategies, visualize their moves and practice common logic! Mental planning and memory are enhanced to a degree that little ones will surprise you with their newly acquired skills. A 5 year old brain has the full capacity to project its thoughts and plan 10 moves ahead! It may sound impossible, but try it out and you’ll be surprised!

Starting with basic physics concepts kids get to know of fundamental forces, material properties and behaviors and how to manipulate objects to their favor through observation, planning and action. Starting ‘close’, kids go ‘far’. Simplicity is the key and the right way to explain a concept is to keep it simple. Once the foundation is set then the mind will be trained to be flexible and adapt to the increasing difficulty of the challenges. This is exactly what takes place in real life; we learn and adapt constantly. We evaluate, think, project and reform the environment around us. Learning to think in a creative way and at the same time be logical and practical are fundamental assets for success. Everyday riddles are presented to all families across the globe, to every society man has built. Puzzles such as economic burdens, misunderstandings, violence, conflicts and so on. Even at the large scale of society as a whole there is turmoil, conflict and contradictions. Do you know who the future politicians, scientists, lawyers and doctors will be? Your kids! It’s hard to imagine your little one in 20 or 30 years from now; but surely, you’d love to see them living a happy and successful life, guiding society and others, following the right path. It may also be hard to imagine how playing an app can play a significant role in forming your kids’ personality and behavior. But the foundations of young kids are laid early in their childhood. Learning how to keep young minds fresh, flexible, adaptable, with the capacity to observe, to make mental projections and combinations and make the right choices, are values that will become part of your kids forever!

Every decision we make has a result. Every action spawns a reaction. The question is: can our actions be right, without having to go through millenia of turmoil to find out? Can our actions, which are the results of our thoughts, not breed contradiction? To merely act without proper thinking may be very ‘active’ and ‘instinctive’ as an attitude, but the results are not always what we expect. Observation is the key here, silent awareness of oneself and the environment one operates into. Once one finds out what the building blocks are, one can manipulate them successfully. Then the real intellect comes into being; an awareness that is familiar of the past and how things worked so far, and the capacity to project the next moves into the future. This is intelligence over matter, and the right intentions, the right choice, the right thoughts and eventually the right actions, will formulate a more balanced world for us to live our lives. There are many kind of puzzles that one has to solve as one grows older. Although the patterns may change, the challenges are pretty much the same; one needs to move on, to evolve, to go further!

It is this positive attitude of evolution, progress and increased intelligence that we try to embed into our apps! And we truly believe that kids can do it – they can build a better world!