Beck and Bo is an award-winning, fun educational game for toddlers and preschoolers. Kids are invited to build beautiful, animated scenes by identifying characters, objects and animals and placing them in the environment; and while they do that, they listen to their names and sounds! Piece by piece they bring to life colorful, fascinating scenes, full of sounds, animations and fun interactive activities.


beckandbo-whiteKids will love building a snowman, getting fruits from the grocery store, putting the dog on the trampoline, watering the flowers in the backyard, controlling the traffic in the city center and discovering all the interactive objects within a scene (12 different scenes included). The game is a combination of free play and puzzle. Each scene is gradually built as kids use both their logic and imagination to place objects and animals in the environment while they listen to their names and sounds. After a scene is complete, kids are rewarded by gaining access to the scene’s unique interactive album, where they can browse through the scene’s objects, listen to their names and sounds and see how these words are spelled.