Thinkrolls: Kings & Queens

An epic adventure of logic, physics, and fun! Castles, dragons, simple machines, physics & enchanting spells!

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Logic, puzzles, physics, fun.

An epic adventure of logic, physics, and fun! Kids think their way through 228 brilliant puzzles that sharpen their memory and problem-solving skills. This game has it all; castles, dragons, simple machines, physics, enchanting spells, and a touch of magic! The goal is simple: Move, handle and combine objects to clear a path, obtain the key, and open the gate to the next level.

For ages 5+ (115 puzzles for ages 5-8 & 113 puzzles for ages 8+)
Type: Educational, puzzler, logic, science, physics
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No internet connection required
Crafted with love

The Elements

Each castle offers a unique combination of puzzle elements that enhance logic, problem solving, memory and perseverance.

228 Unique puzzles

Fun for the whole family! Choose the easy puzzles for ages 5–8 & proceed to the harder puzzles for ages 8+. No time limits, no stress. Play at your own pace. Super fun physics: simple machines, forces, tension, light reflection & more.

Create your own Thinkrolls

Collect tasty candy and precious gems! Feed the dragon and win majestic accessories & use them to create your own unique Thinkroll characters!

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Whether you already love Thinkrolls 2, 2016 Google Play Award Winner for Best Families App, or are new to the series, you will flip for this fun-filled journey through a land of royal riddles.


– Gear & Rack: combine gears with racks to create ladders & conveyor belts

– Chest & Bridge: fill gaps and collapse swaying bridges to clear the way

– Crocodile & Harp: use the harp to lull the crocodile to sleep

– Ghost & Mirror: shift the mirror to eliminate the ghost with reflected light

– Hatch & Lever: switch the lever to open and close hatches

– Flying Potion: unleash the magic potion to defy gravity and fly to the finish


– 115 easy puzzles for ages 5–8 & 113 hard puzzles for ages 8+

– No time limits, no stress. Play at your own pace.

– Enhances logic, problem solving, memory, perseverance

– Super fun physics: simple machines, forces, tension, light reflection & more

– Win awesome accessories and create your own Thinkrolls

– Build your library of cute Thinkrolls to use throughout the game

– Collect valuable candies and gems to feed the dragon

– Clear the castle of spooky spiders and bats

– Supports 6 different player profiles

– Gorgeous artwork, delightful music and sound design

– COPPA compliant, no third-party ads

Available languages

Thinkrolls Kings & Queens is a language neutral app! The few texts included in the app are localized in the following languages.*

* More languages will be added in future updates.

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