A fascinating logic puzzler for kids 3-8, that enhances problem solving, memory and spatial cognition skills. Learn about force, acceleration, buoyancy, heat, elasticity and gravity while navigating the 22 Thinkrolls characters through a seamless maze!

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  Named one of 10 Top Kids Apps of 2014 by USA Today

USA Today

Set your child’s mind in motion. Thinkrolls are the 22 hilarious characters in this educational app that’s one part rolling ball platformer, one part physics puzzler and 100% irresistible for kids 3-8. Kids will have a blast navigating their Thinkrolls through a series of obstacles in brightly patterned mazes. Each chapter introduces a new object with unique physical properties which kids discover through hands-on manipulation. Little players encounter and use to their advantage force, acceleration, buoyancy, heat, elasticity and gravity to get their Thinkrolls where they need to go.

For ages 3-8 (90 easy levels for ages 3-5 & 90 harder levels for ages 5-8)
Type: Educational, logic, puzzle, fine motor skills
No banners, no ads, COPPA & GDPR compliant
No in-App purchases
No internet connection required
Parents protected area
Crafted with love

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Thinkrolls has all the trappings of popular platformer and physics puzzlers, but it incorporates a wealth of educational content. It appeals to children’s natural curiosity and challenges them with gameplay that fosters creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. Each of the 104 easy and 103 harder levels gradually build upon successive lessons to strengthen observation, reasoning, problem solving, spatial cognition and memory.


Cookie: Kids get accustomed to the fine motor skills needed to navigate the mazes as they munch cookies to clear a path.

Crate: Any child who has pushed a chair up to the kitchen counter in order to reach the cookie jar will know what to do with the crates.

Balloon: Buoyancy gets added to the mix as kids burst balloons on spikes.

Rock: Kids get a crash course in Newtonian physics as they discover that dropping a heavy, dense boulder will generate enough force to break through cracked ground.

Jelly: Bouncing on beds isn’t necessary when there’s a springy jelly available to launch the Thinkroll out of valleys and up onto peaks.

Fire: The crackling sound of flames will alert kids to a burning hazard ahead, but ice blocks put out the fire.

Elevator: The culmination of everything kids have discovered and processed so far has them coordinating all the elements as they synchronize movements of two different elevators.

Bonus: Theory of Everything in action! Combination of all elements and forces in even more challenging puzzles


• 207 challenging levels with mind-sharpening puzzles

• Easy mode for ages 3-5, hard mode for ages 5-8

• Experiment with gravity, heat, buoyancy, speed, friction, elasticity and more

• Enhance logic, spatial cognition, problem solving, memory, observation and more

• Track progress for up to 6 player profiles

• 22 hilarious super smart characters to play with

• Supreme design and beautiful artwork

• Original soundtrack and sound design

• Language neutral game-play

• COPPA compliant, no ads, no in-app purchases

Awards & Reviews


Parents’ Choice Awards
A 2105 Parents’ Choice Silver Award Winner


Common Sense Media
Editors’ Pick (Quality 5/5)


Children’s Technology Review
Editor’s Choice – (rating A, score 94%)


Best Platform Game 2014

Thinkrolls was named one of the 10 top kids apps of 2014 by USA Today
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★★★★★ 148 apps
“Thinkrolls has actually become a family affair…I enthusiastically recommend it!” – 148 apps
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★★★★★ Parents’ Choice Awards
A 2105 Parents’ Choice Silver Award Winner

★★★★★ Common Sense Media
Editors’ Pick (Quality 5/5)
“Adorable physics platformer creates little problem-solvers.” “With balls that show an impressive variety of personality and challenges that get kids thinking without overwhelming them with difficulty, Thinkrolls manages to be really fun and truly educational.” 5 stars by Common Sense Media
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★★★★★ Children’s Technology Review
Editor’s Choice – (rating A, score 94%)
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★★★★★ Graphite
Highly engaging game packs in physics learning and puzzling fun
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★★★★★ TechWithKids
“Brilliant set of puzzles that use a vertical maze and darling animated balls to teach kids logical thinking. Let the good times roll! 5 stars and Best Pick by TechWithKids
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★★★★★ TeachersWithApps
“Thinkrolls by Avokiddo is another smash hit by these ingenious and award winning developers…This highly engaging game helps kids problem solve all while having a stimulating adventure!”
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★★★★★ Fun Educational Apps
“Thinkrolls is so unique in the way it makes children think about forces!”. TOP PICK by Fun Educational Apps!

★★★★★ AppyMall
“What an imaginative way to develop early problem solving skills! Excellent!” – 5 stars from AppyMall
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★★★★★ GeeksWithJuniors
Best Platform Game of 2014
“Thinkrolls is a great way for kids to learn about gravity and other basic science concepts while practicing their problem solving skills”
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★★★★★ TeachThought
Editor’s Choice by TeachThought – Included in The Best Educational Apps For iPad In 2014
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★★★★★ The iMums
“Another hit app for Avokiddo!” 5 stars from The iMums
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★★★★★ iPhoneMom
“This app gets two thumbs-up, 5 stars, a blue ribbon and any other accolade I can think of. Thinkrolls is sure to be a family favorite for you too!” – 5 stars from the iPhoneMom
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★★★★★ iPads y Autismo
“Thinkrolls represents a turning point in the career of Avokiddo”
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★★★★★ KinderTown
“Concepts about physics and chemistry are sprinkled along the way when children must make decisions about the moving gear box, figure out how to make the balloon pop  and move the ice to squelch the fire….Thinkrolls is a truly unique app!”
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★★★★★ PappasAppar
Presented by PappasAppar on the Swedish television network TV4 as 1 of the 5 best kids apps of 2014. Recommended by PappasAppar

Original music

Did you know that Thinkrolls features an original soundtrack?

Yeap, each level features its own original and uniquely designed music.
Why we think this is important and super cool? Because music is beautiful and plays a major part in educating the young minds.

Read more about it in this post>

Press Kit

  Download Press Kit: It includes game icons, logo, images and game description.

Thinkrolls reaches #2 in US Education, #3 in US Kids, #16 in US Overall on the App Store among 1.2M apps

App Store

Thinkrolls was named one of the 10 top kids apps of 2014 by USA Today

USA Today

Thinkrolls has actually become a family affair...I enthusiastically recommend it!

148 apps

Adorable physics platformer creates little problem-solvers

5 stars by Common Sense Media

Best Platform Game of 2014


Thinkrolls by Avokiddo is another smash hit by these ingenious and award winning developers!

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